Sunrise Air Ambulance specializes in fast and economical twin-engine turbo prop aircraft. These planes allow us to fly in most weather conditions that will ground rotor transports.  Another benefit to the fixed wing aircraft is the ability to control the pressure of the cabin allowing us to adjust to each individual patient’s needs at anytime.  Sunrise is dedicated to transporting your patient with utmost care. We transport patients from Rural Hospitals to Tertiary care facilities. We also offer mid and long range flights for your loved ones from state to state.

We are currently introducing our Sunrise Platinum Plan. This affordably priced program will ensure Air Medical Transport for members and their families in the event of an emergency.

Our Aircraft serve as mobile critical care units, staffed with highly trained physicians, nurses, and paramedics. Flight crews are assigned to each flight depending on patients needs.  Sunrise Air Ambulance medical personnel receive extensive training in flight physiology, airway management and emergency procedures.
Our Air Ambulance service provides safe transport for a variety of patients and specializes in critical transports.

  • ICU bedside to bedside transfers
  • Ventilator dependent patients
  • Bipap dependent patients
  • Multi-trauma patients
  • Spinal Cord injuries
  • Neuro patients
  • Transplant recipients
  • Pediatric patients

Flight times may vary by distance to the receiving airport but on average flight times are less than 30 minutes from takeoff to landing in both Tucson and Phoenix area airports. 

When you need to transfer a patient or loved one Domestically or Internationally with an air ambulance, call Sunrise Air Ambulance. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call (928) 532-7700 for free Consultation to find out how we can assist you.
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