Membership Plan Details

Sunrise Membership Plans ensure Air Medical Transport for members in the event of an emergency.  Sunrise will accept member’s insurance coverage as payment in full for a medically necessary hospital to hospital transfer.  Member will not be charged any additional fees.


Localized Care

Our plans are built with our patients in mind. We understand that life happens unexpectedly, thus proper local based care is key.


Best in Class Equipment

Millions of dollars have been spent insuring that the best aircraft, crew and medical equipment are onboard our aircraft.


Caring Team

The team at Sunrise Air Ambulance has year of experience and has built our company around sound principles of patient care and communication.


Hospital to hospital care that works

Sunrise Air Ambulance specializes in inter-facility Critical Care Transports.  We are committed to providing the highest quality, affordable healthcare to the communities we serve.  Our highly specialized inter-facility transport team will promote quality healthcare and encourage optimal patient outcomes for the critically ill and injured. Allow us to assist you and your loved ones during your time of need. Our communication department is standing by to receive your call.

"The added space can also serve as a comfort to family members or friends of injured parties, as helicopter transport often lacks enough space for additional passengers, whereas Sunrise's planes are in most cases able to accommodate a companion,"

Dr. Hayes

You helped me through an impossible situation and we are now on the other side. Travis is doing better in the hospital here and I have the strength and support from my family."


Medical Flights

Sunrise Air Ambulance offers the best price and superior service with just one call.  We offer bedside to bedside care for our patients.  In most situations one (1) rider may accompany the patient at no additional cost. Patient and rider may bring two (2) medium size bags on transport.

Medical & Aviation Experts on Standby

Our Aircraft serve as mobile critical care units, staffed with highly trained physicians, nurses, and paramedics. Flight crews are assigned to each flight depending on patients needs.  Sunrise Air Ambulance medical personnel receive extensive training in flight physiology, airway management and emergency procedures. Our Air Ambulance service provides safe transport for a variety of patients and specializes in critical transports.

  • ICU bedside to bedside transfers
  • Ventilator dependent patients
  • Bipap dependent patients
  • Multi-trauma patients
  • Spinal Cord injuries
  • Neuro patients
  • Transplant recipients
  • Pediatric patients